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SureStep is a systems integration & consulting company, and the brainchild of GRC and data industry executives. The company was initially founded in Canada, in 2007 and has run successful operations, helping businesses achieve their goals ever since. Today, SureStep has successfully expanded its operations into the USA, Hong Kong, Singapore and has most recently, opened an office in Australia.

With more than 100 clients on-board, we have support businesses across different industries, including Financial Services, Natural Resources, Transportation, Manufacturing, Utilities, and Technology.

Through our strategic reseller and implementation partnership with leading platforms in the GRC industry, like ServiceNow, IBM OpenPages & Cognos, Tableau, Microsoft PowerBI, Azure Data Lake, and Data Factory, SureStep has been able to support and guide our clients to better compliance in their respective industries.

We have established a proven methodology to assist our clients in optimizing their IT investments by shifting their on-premise applications to the Cloud, while still maintaining day to day operations.

SureStep at a Glance

SureStep at a Glance

GRC platforms provide a consolidated solution to enable your business to efficiently attain its goals, manage uncertainties, and perform with integrity. Organizations have been governed in managing their risk and compliance for decades, and GRC platforms manage the data and process to ensure compliance.

However, the process and approach to this type of governance has matured and few companies have understood the importance and benefits of GRC during this time of growth.

GRC not only supports the business but enhances it by increasing the reliability of attaining your organizational objectives. SureStep has the expertise to assist you in identifying, reporting on and utilizing end-to-end GRC solutions, helping to maximum business potential through consultation, implementation, and optimization.

BI & Reporting is comprised of delivery and integration of useful and relevant information in your organization. It is utilized to identify major events, detect and monitor business trends to help the company quickly adapt to its changing environment.
Using BI & Reporting will help improve the decision-making throughout the management of your company and enhance the strategic management processes.
We can help you in ensuring that your data becomes meaningful to the right people.

An enterprise-wide approach is needed for a company to succeed. This is were AI & Automation comes in. it is the modern way of working through automated systems and workflows that increases efficiency and reduces potential of error throughout the organization.
This technology hands you the opportunity to reinvent your processes, establish efficient user experiences and improve the decision-making processes. It can be the key to your major digital transformation plans.
We can equip your company with the technology it needs from virtual assistants, chatbots, intelligent reporting, and GRC systems.

If you want to unleash your company’s business value, intelligence, and innovation then you need Cloud systems. It can help you optimize and reduce your IT spending by shifting your systems to the Cloud, including Azure, IBM Cloud, Google, and AWS.
SureStep can help you in taking the maximum advantage of the capabilities of the Cloud for agility, reliability, scalability, and acceleration in your business initiatives.

Through Application Managed Services, you can outsource the responsibility of ongoing support for all of your apps to your external provider, helping in the monitoring and maintenance of those apps. This will enable your company to delegate the tasks of releasing and monitoring patches, minor enhancements, and bug-fixes.
No matter the size of your company, this will allow you to increase user satisfaction and internal efficiency, freeing up your IT team to be more focused on innovative ideas and implementations. We can help you by ensuring that critical knowledge is available when you need it in the advisory, administration, development and constant optimization of the applications you use every day.

No matter the size of your company, this will allow for increased user satisfaction, internal efficiency and removes burden from internal technology teams so they may be more focused on innovation for your business.

SureStep is available to assist in ensuring that critical knowledge is available in a number of ways and when you need it. We are happy to provide support in an advisory, administration, and development capacity as well as optimization of the applications in use every day.

How SureStep Helps your Business

Our services and guidance can help in various ways

How SureStep Helps your Business


Through SureStep Proven Methodology

SureStep proven methodology

Why Choose SureStep?

Single Point of Contact

Equipped with in-depth knowledge of the software platforms we offer, SureStep can help you in selecting and operationalizing the right platform for your needs. We are the only integrator offering complete solutions from industry’s leading software vendors.

Proven Methodology

We are committed to utilizing only the best practices with the intention to help you in the long run. SureStep has formulated its proven methodology and executed successfully with over 100 Global 500 clients.

Client Value Commitment

SureStep will continue to have your back even after the purchase and implementation of the software. Our experts will make sure you have the right knowledge and support for optimizing your risk and reporting platforms. We are committed to bringing long-term value to all our clients.


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