GRC Solution

End-to-end GRC solutions to help business stay on top of rapidly changing industry demands and regulatory compliance

Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) focuses on controlling and identifying risks, complying with specified rules and regulations, protecting the reputation of the brand, and establishing sustainability practices.

The SureStep team is highly experienced with helping organizations across many different industries identify the right GRC solution, enhancing the overall efficiency of the enterprise. Our team will work with you to establish a strategic plan and implement the GRC solution that aligns with the strategy and goals of your business, all while drastically reducing the organizations risk exposure.

Foundational GRC

A GRC software solution needs to provide businesses with the capability of deploying the right solutions where and as needed, with a forward-looking architecture that grows with the enterprise. It presents users with simple, actionable solutions and reduces the need to understand all available options.

It helps your business by providing a set of GRC solutions that support:

  • Financial controls management
  • Vendor risk management
  • Business continuity management
  • Model risk governance
  • Internal audit management
  • IT risk and security
  • Policy management
  • Regulatory change management
  • Regulatory compliance management
  • Operational risk management

It enables businesses to manage regulatory change, regulatory challenges, and risks throughout the organization. Accomplishing this by analyzing large amounts of unstructured and structured data from pervasive and emerging sources.

This approach enhances the governance by ensuring all employees within the organization are responsible for risk management. It is designed to maintain agility while reducing costs and improving efficiency and productivity.

IBM OpenPages

IBM OpenPages® with Watson is an AI-driven governance, risk and compliance (GRC) solution built to help organizations manage risk and regulatory compliance challenges. Consolidate disparate GRC systems and centralize siloed risk management functions in an integrated solution to reduce the cost of maintaining multiple solutions.

  • Integration with IBM Cognos BI platform for a seamless reporting experience
  • Leverage IBM Watson's Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to automate your risk & compliance operations
  • Fully managed lifecycles and workflows that can be configured and customized to your business's processes
  • Create and maintain a central library of best practices that can be linked across your entire organization using a modern user focused UI
  • Deliver questionnaires and collect user feedback tied to your regulatory compliance requirements

ServiceNow GRC & VRM

ServiceNow GRC allows you to seamlessly embed risk management and compliance into digital experiences and workflows, so people and organizations can work better. Built on the Now platform, GRC & VRM can be integrated to your existing or new ServiceNow instance.

  • Integrates with ServiceNow CMDB to automate risk management across all assets in your organization
  • Automate risk and compliance event detection though integration with ServiceNow's platform across IT, HR, and more
  • Built in workflow design allows integration easily with other platforms; bring your existing data to the system easily
  • Engage users with Virtual Agent capabilities to make reporting risk events easy

Targeted GRC Solutions

SureStep can assist your business in finding the appropriate GRC solution for managing targeted issues within your company. Our team can help you in determining the right solution, assist with the implementation, as well as maintenance and coaching.

The targeted GRC solutions available are:

Operational Risk Management (ORM)

This software assists in automating the steps to identify, measure, monitor, analyze, and manage the operational risk. It allows your business to mitigate risks with proactive management.

It helps your business by:

  • Assisting with identifying and treating high risk and potential risk areas
  • Providing actionable reporting on the existing state of operational risk
  • Helping with risk measurement, management, and reduction of losses

Regulatory Compliance Management

This solution assists your organization in reducing the cost and time it takes to comprehend regulatory requirements. The software decreases risks, like fines and sanctions, that are linked with failure to adhere to specified regulations.

It helps your business by:

  • Helping lower potential risks linked with regulatory non-compliance
  • Allowing the management and understanding of regulation changes
  • Enabling the complex regulatory obligations to be measurable, transparent, organized, and actionable
  • Improving efficiency through removing overlapping or duplicate controls

Policy Management

This compliance and policy solution helps you by decreasing the complexities of complying with multiple governments, privacy, ethics, and industry regulatory mandates.

It helps your business by:

  • Managing the complete life-cycle of policies and procedures
  • Managing the regulatory library
  • Harmonizing the compliance process between all departments to establish an efficient compliance approach
  • Ensuring all policies and procedures are updated with your internal and external obligations
  • Allowing appropriate employees to attest, understand and find the right policies and procedures

IT Governance

This solution decreases the complexity of IT risk management by aligning operational management with business strategy, initiatives, and regulatory requirements. It delivers actionable reporting to monitor IT related risks.

It helps your business by:

  • Supporting best practice, regulation and frameworks
  • Identifying and quickly solving issues to efficiently implement IT governance policies
  • Ensuring IT issues are quickly remediated

Internal Audit Management

This solution offers internal auditors a cross-departmental and uniquely configured view of organizational GRC for quality assurance and transparency.

It helps your business by:

  • Providing information that helps during continuous audit improvement
  • Facilitating collaborative workpaper management and authoring to increase consistency and quality
  • Streamlining approval and review processes to enhance efficiency, reduce costs and shortlist audit content
  • Facilitating collaborative work

Model Risk Governance

This solution is designed to help your business meet the multiple challenges of model risk management by supporting various methodologies across different risk tiers, model types, and structures.

It helps your business by:

  • Providing higher visibility of interdependency of the model, and its related performance metrics
  • Facilitating collaborative activities transitioning between various stakeholders involved in model validation management
  • Streamlining approval and review processes to enhance efficiency and reduce costs
  • Promoting standardization of model documentation and taxonomy

Vendor Risk Management

This vendor risk management solution is created to help organizations manage third-party engagements and relationships efficiently to enhance the performance of each company.

It helps your business by:

  • Managing and monitoring the mitigation of recognized risks
  • Reducing complexities
  • Measuring mitigation effectiveness
  • Streamlining assessments

Financial Controls Management

This software is a solution for financial control management that can help you in reducing the complexity and cost of ensuring your business complies with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and global financial reporting regulations.

It helps your business by:

  • Providing executive transparency
  • Automating workflow
  • Automating compliance process
  • Simplifying regulatory compliance


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