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IWS Banking


Disruption is creating opportunities and challenges for global banks. The Banking and Capital Markets industry is witnessing unprecedented competition, not only from traditional providers but also from retail, Big Tech, and other new entrants. Customer satisfaction standards must stack up to firms providing financial services but also with these new competitors.

While the risk and regulatory protection agenda remains a major focus, banks must also address financial performance and heightened customer and investor expectations, as they reshape and optimize operational and business models to deliver sustainable returns.

Innovation and business-led transformation will be critical for future growth. To remain competitive and relevant, every bank must embrace disruption and strategically build a better ecosystem — not a bigger bank.

Our worldwide team of industry-focused assurance, tax, transaction, and consulting professionals integrates sector knowledge with technical experience. We work with clients to navigate digital innovation, new business models, and ecosystem partnerships, helping banks become the nimble, responsive organizations that customers demand.

To transform, profit and grow, financial organizations need to:

  • Create new customer engagement benchmarks
  • Find new ways to generate revenue
  • Continue to reduce expenses

The world’s leading banks and capital market firms collaborate with SureStep to reimagine their business models to meet the evolving demands from the market, customers, partners, and regulators.

SureStep assisted with the architecture and systems development for creating a unified financial issue platform. We designed a common data model and automation workflow that resulted in a 23% reduction in investigation hours for the analysis of financial items.

9 out of 10 Chief Risk Officers (CRO’s) at banks say climate risk is the most prominent emerging risk over the next 5 years.

of senior management at banks say that process automation is their #1 area of focus to accelerate digital transformation.
IWS Transportation and Manufacturing

Industrials and Distribution

Industrial and distribution companies must be agile to build momentum that respects the current reality of their industry. As companies in the transportation and manufacturing industries strive to remain relevant, they’ll need to adapt to changes not only today but also tomorrow. Change is the only constant, requiring scenario-based thinking, exploring several paths, and crafting a digital strategy based on preparing for the future.

Transportation and logistics leaders are harnessing the power of digital resources to:

  • Gain better visibility into their supply chains
  • Achieve real-time data access
  • Speed orders to customers everywhere

At SureStep, we believe that future winners in the digital economy will be those that can deliver on one key insight: put technology in the background and focus on people first. Putting customers first does not diminish technology’s importance. Rather, a deep customer understanding should help guide the choice of which technologies to incorporate in your transportation and manufacturing business.

SureStep can bring together digital strategy, deep industry knowledge, AI, design, and consultancy to help companies design, build, and scale digital business solutions. We have both an understanding of the challenges companies in transportation and manufacturing face and the expertise and experience with digital transformation needed to meet these challenges.

of manufacturers expect to invest more into advancing their ESG programs in 2022 than they did in 2021
of manufacturers expect to also invest more in cybersecurity prevention and detection in 2022

4 of the top 5 areas of vulnerability within the transportation industry relate to visibility and control along complex supply chain networks.


The insurance industry is at the heart of digital disruption. Leading insurers are broadening and diversifying their products and services, as they align to meet the changing needs of their clients. This process includes investing in customer-facing, cloud-based digital innovations and AI integration to assist with simplifying customer service activity.

Insurance carriers are also:

  • Reflecting on their role in society
  • Forging sustainability initiatives
  • Championing diversity in their leadership and agents

The insurance industry is at a critical turning point that presents insurers with the opportunity to provide meaningful value for customers, employees, and stakeholders.

SureStep has the experience and digital expertise to help insurers transform their processes/applications, creating seamless digital services for customers and new income streams across your business.

IWS Insurance

Surestep delivered a custom application for a leading Life Insurance provider that automated their processes and saved the business over 20 hours a month.

< 1/3
Less than a third of insurers are realizing the benefits of a risk management program.

of insurers have increased their spending on risk management technology in 2022

Media and Telecommunications

Media and telecommunication companies face a multitude of challenges, including:

  • Industry consolidation
  • Increased regulatory and compliance pressures
  • Privacy and security issues generated by the applications
  • Managing capital allocation and expenses

These challenges can lead to scams, malfunction of business processes, and reputational and financial losses.

Our solutions provide a complete and accurate integrated view of risk and compliance threats across the telecommunications organization. They deliver real-time insights through the generation of reports and dashboards which link risks to their root causes and provide corrective measures to bring issues to a resolution. GRC and ESG solutions ensure compliance with regulations across multiple geographies within low costs and time constraints.

SureStep allows telecommunications companies to implement Enterprise Risk Management best practices through a flexible, easy-to-use solution that enables timely identification, analysis, evaluation, and remediation of risks to protect the business from harm, as well as to create value for shareholders, owners, employees, customers, and regulatory bodies by maximizing profits through good-practice strategies.

IWS Telecommunications


Cybersecurity breaches in telecommunication companies in 2021 were 29% higher than the previous year.


While expanding 5G networks is a top priority for all telcos, 80% of executives express security as the top concern with this expansion.

Power and Utilities

In an age in which everyone is looking to conserve natural resources, utility companies are in a unique position. Technology is helping utility companies transform. Using new-age digital tools, utility companies can transform how they run their business, which not only generates short-term savings and accrues long-term environmental benefits but also enhances the customer experience.

Today’s utility companies need to keep up with changing customer expectations. Data and new technologies help them do that effectively. What’s most exciting is that these utility companies can collect and analyze a great deal of data from individual and business customers.

That data is the fundamental building block of modern technologies, such as:

  • Data analytics
  • Cloud services
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Machine learning (ML)

Technology can do a lot for today’s utility companies from combining data from the environment, the market, and the customer to create models that maximize capacity utilization, to using AI to manage data loads in real-time, as well as integrating archaic systems with cloud-based solutions that communicate with each other.

SureStep's services open a wide range of exciting possibilities for utilities. Services such as AI and cloud transformation can deliver real value to utility companies that adopt them.

IWS Utilities
of utility companies are extremely concerned that new environmental regulations will have a negative impact on their business in 2022
Over 70% of utility companies plan to significantly increase spending on risk detection/monitoring, data analytics, and process automation.
of utility companies plan on leveraging external support for their risk management functions.

Mitigating Risk With an Integrated Risk Consultation

Ask for an Integrated Risk Consultation from SureStep and work with one of our GRC/ESG experts who will map out your governance challenges and help you manage risk.