The Banking and Capital Markets industry is witnessing unprecedented competition. Not only from traditional providers but also entrants from retail, BigTech and others. Customer satisfaction standards must stack up not only to those firms providing financial services, but also with these new competitors.

Disruption is creating opportunities and challenges for global banks. While the risk and regulatory protection agenda remain a major focus, banks must also address financial performance and heightened customer and investor expectations, as they reshape and optimize operational and business models to deliver sustainable returns. Innovation and business-led transformation will be critical for future growth.

To remain competitive and relevant, every bank must embrace disruption and strategically build a better ecosystem — not a bigger bank.

Our worldwide team of industry-focused assurance, tax, transaction and consulting professionals integrates sector knowledge and technical experience. We work with clients to navigate digital innovation, new business models and ecosystem partnerships, helping banks become the nimble, responsive organizations that customers demand.

To transform, profit and grow, organizations need to create new customer engagement benchmarks, find new ways to generate revenue and continue to reduce expense. The world’s leading banks and capital market firms collaborate with SureStep to reimagine their business models to meet the evolving demands from the market, customers, partners and regulators.

Banking Capabilities

Risk Compliance

Our services help tackle the broad issues of corporate governance, risk management and effective compliance within the banking industry by offering specialized consultancy in key areas of your business.

Our professionals have a wealth of experience, so we can provide guidance and insight that makes sense for your unique business. We can help your organizations identify, monitor, remediate and manage ongoing risks.


Your employees perform tasks, make decisions and take action in a variety of workflows every day. Whether you’re looking to improve customer-facing workflows or internal processes, each one requires different steps to execute or guide different activities.

Workflow automation can automate repetitive tasks and orchestrates multiple business processes within operations whilst providing visibility into each step.

Artificial Intelligence

AI Services provide ready-made intelligence for your applications. They easily integrate with your applications to improve processes such as personalized recommendations, modernizing your contact centre, and increasing customer engagement.

Because we use the same deep learning technology that powers other services, you get quality and accuracy from continuously learning APIs.


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Banking Case Studies

SureStep was engaged to assist with the architecture and systems development
for creating a unified financial issue platform...

Our team works in tandem with the IT organization as a trusted partner. Dedicated and shared resources work to meet with business leaders...