In an age where everyone is looking to conserve the natural resources of the Earth, utility companies are in a unique position. Technology is helping utility companies transform.

Using new age digital tools, utility companies can transform how they run their business — which not only generates short-term savings and accrues long-term environmental benefits, but also enhances the customer experience.

Today’s companies need to keep up with changing customer expectations. Data and new technologies help them do that quite effectively. What’s most exciting is that these utility companies can collect and analyze a great deal of data from individual and business customers.

That data is the fundamental building block of modern technologies such as data analytics, cloud services, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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Water & Sewerage

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Waste Recycling

There’s a lot that technology can do for today’s utility companies - from combining data from the environment, the market, and the customer to create models that
maximize capacity utilization, to using AI to manage load in real-time as well as integrating archaic systems with cloud based solutions that talk cohesively.

SureStep's services open a wide range of exciting possibilities for utilities. Services such as AI and cloud transformation can deliver real value to businesses that adopt it.

Utility Capabilities

Risk & Compliance

Our services help tackle the broad issues of corporate governance, risk management and effective compliance within the insurance industry by offering specialized consultancy in key areas of your business.

Our professionals have a wealth of experience and knowledge, so we can provide guidance and insight that makes sense for your unique business. We can help your organizations identify, monitor, remediate and manage ongoing risks.

Artificial Intelligence

AI Services provide ready-made intelligence for your applications and workflows. They easily integrate with your applications to address common use cases such as personalized recommendations, modernizing your contact centre, and increasing customer engagement.

Because we use the same deep learning technology that powers other services, you get quality and accuracy from continuously learning APIs.

Cloud Transformation

With advancements in automation and analytics, the cost of managing workloads has significantly decreased. Unfortunately, this decrease has mistakenly led companies to not question how much they are spending in the cloud.

In some cases, ignoring this factor causes companies to spend more in the cloud than they previously were. By combining cloud managed services, organizations can drive improvements across their business.

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Utility Case Studies

Process Optimization

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A leading business process outsourcer for transportation services engaged us to review and optimize their approach to Regulatory Risk...

Risk Management

Creation responsive internet website for multiple platforms. Building mobile interface on screen of laptop, tablet, smartphone. Layout content on display devices. Conceptual banner of web technology.

Our team works in tandem with the IT organization as a trusted partner. Dedicated and shared resources work to meet with business leaders...