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Employee (FTE)
The Azure Lead assists with the daily management and oversight of Azure-related elements of the client’s IT infrastructure and initiatives. Primary responsibilities include being the lead for, solutioning, architecting, engineering, operationalizing, and BAU of Azure related initiatives. Expected to provide leadership at technical and management levels. The Azure Lead is also responsible for architecting and developing cloud-native platforms on Azure, virtual machines, containers, serverless, network, storage, security, platform services such as analytics, database, devops pipeline, etc.; architect Integration Platform as a Service, such as MuleSoft/Boomi; developing software defined strategies for infrastructure management, application deployment, and services; moving on-premise production and testing environments to the cloud and providing continuous technical support to both internal and external customers through the move process and afterwards; daily management and maintenance of cloud-based infrastructure. 

  • Design state-of-the-art technical solutions on Azure that address customer’s requirements for scalability, reliability, security, and performance. 
  • Configure application-aware infrastructure to automatically handle application requirements, security, and disaster-preparedness functions such as back-ups and data recovery. 
  • Perform operational engineering for activities which include platform upgrades, server patching, monitoring, configuration, and troubleshooting. 
  • Work closely with a team of architects, engineers, and developers to create functional design specifications. 
  • Closely coordinate with DevOps team on additional cloud automation above the infrastructure layer. 
  • Lead and coordinate the work of an integrated project team comprised of developers, subject matter experts, database administrators, system administrators, and system architects to implement and maintain enterprise-level information technology applications. 
  • Lead in all cloud technology deployment activities, workflow configuration and development, and third-party system integration. 
  • Design and develop applications that can be hosted on Azure cloud 
  • Design and develop framework and core functionality 
  • Identify the gaps and come up with working solutions 
  • Understand enterprise application design framework and processes 
  • Lead or Mentor junior and/or mid-level developers 
  • Review code and establish best practices 
  • Ability to look at the big picture 
  • Keep management up to date with the progress 
  • Work under Agile design, development framework 
  • Other duties as required  


  • Desired: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or related field 
  • Proven work experience in banking  
  • Minimum of five (5) years as an Azure Lead or related role. 
  • Any combination of 2 completed Azure certification paths including: Cloud Administrator, Cloud DevOps Practitioner, Cloud Solutions Architect, Cloud Security Engineer, Cloud Data Engineer  
  • Equivalent AWS Certifications would be considered. 

Knowledge, Skills & Competencies: 

  • Strong communicator, outstanding verbal and written communication skills 
  • Excellent negotiation and leadership skills 
  • Ability to see strategic vision 
  • Proactive in creating and executing financial plans 
  • Enhanced problem-solving skills 
  • Ability to make decisions to increase the company’s growth and success 
  • Excellent time-management skills 
  • Ability to see he big picture along with small details  
  • Adherence to best practices 
  • Ability to contribute to planning and support processes 
  • Ability to think strategically and evaluate option in the short, medium, and long term 
  • Able to simplify complex problems, processes or projects and evaluate systematically 
  • Adapts to different situations and draws from a range of strategies to persuade people in a way that results in agreement 
  • Able to build and maintain effective working relationships with a range of stakeholders 
  • Must know how to use database systems management software, enterprise resource planning software, and web platform development software. 


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