Client challenge

SureStep was engaged to assist with the architecture and systems development for creating a unified financial issue platform.

  • Six departments in the organization were leveraging different platforms, methods of reporting and reviewing financial items.
  • Based on the result of one investigation, other teams were engaged (including in the same pool of teams identified) causing a large amount of rework and validation of issues.
  • A lack of a common model for reporting and raising an issue in some instances delayed or prevented the right teams from being engaged earlier in the analysis of a problem reported which delayed the implementation of better defined financial controls.
Crew of skills talented designers looking at innovative project suggesting creative solution to client during informal working meeting to discuss requires and details cooperating standing in office

Our Solution

Our team of solutions architects and GRC platform developers took to the task to construct a detailed "Day in the Life" model of each of the six teams involved and then designed a common data model and workflow for these teams.

Validate each team's inputs

Each team's inputs were validated against the other to find where if one team reported an item if it can be leveraged in other teams investigations

Designed a process to engage the correct teams

During the first phase of an investigation and analysis of financial impact to the organization, we designed a process to engage the correct teams at the first input by taking a "Q&A" approach to the submitter asking key questions early on the process

Additional workflows launch for other teams

Based on calculated steps, if specific items were identified, we then launch additional workflows to additional teams to automatically be engaged in the process. They benefited from a faster time to control design and implementation 


As an end result of this implementation, we estimated that the team will save approx. 23% of investigation hours in leg work and analysis of financial items.

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