What is workflow automation?

Workflow automation can automate repetitive tasks and orchestrates multiple business processes within operations whilst providing visibility into each step.

With SureStep it's easy to automate complex IT tasks across systems to create a single, seamless process with centralized control.

Why automate workflows?

Your employees perform tasks, make decisions and take action in a variety of workflows every day. Whether you’re looking to improve customer-facing workflows or internal processes, each one requires different steps to execute or guide different activities.

These varied activities present three challenges:

  1. How do you optimize and scale activities in the most accurate, consistent and responsive way to satisfy customers?
  2. How do you find a solution that can meet diverse needs to handle less-structured, case-centric activities?
  3. How do you measure performance and determine what needs improvement?

Manual workflows can easily disrupt or slow operations. Lack of transparency and dependencies on employees leave businesses vulnerable to a variety of bottlenecks that create inefficiencies.

Automating workflows safeguards against potential barriers and empowers business professionals to directly participate in designing business solutions.


Automation Icons-01

Automate at scale 

Do more with less by deploying
hands-off processing while managing
cases and exceptions.

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Deliver consistent experiences

Provide a consistent and transparent
user experience with reusable,
standardized workflows.

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Operate flexible workflow styles

Seamlessly blend structured and
unstructured processes into a smooth,
repetitive workflow.

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