SureStep’s services help tackle the broad issues of corporate governance, risk management and effective compliance by offering specialized consultancy in key areas of your business.

Our professionals have a wealth of experience and knowledge from multiple industries, so we can provide guidance and insight that makes sense for your unique business. We can help your organizations identify, monitor, remediate and manage ongoing risks so that you can carry on managing your business, all whilst avoiding those hefty non-compliance charges.

We use programs such as IBM Open Pages, ServiceNow IRM and our own bespoke program called Fortress. By using all these programs, we are able to identify which ones suit your organization the best and adapt it to your needs thereafter.

Our GRC solutions can help with:


Operational Risk Management

This software assists in automating the steps to identify, measure, monitor, analyze, and manage operational risk. It allows your business to mitigate risks with proactive management.


Regulatory Compliance Management

This solution assists your organization in reducing the cost and time it takes to comprehend regulatory requirements. The software decreases risks, like fines and sanctions, that are linked with failure to adhere to specified regulations.


Policy Management

This compliance and policy solution helps you by decreasing the complexities of complying with multiple governments, privacy, ethics, and industry regulatory mandates.


IT Governance

This solution decreases the complexity of IT risk management by aligning operational management with business strategy, initiatives, and regulatory requirements. It delivers actionable reporting to monitor IT-related risks.


Internal Audit Management

This solution offers internal auditors a cross-departmental and uniquely configured view of organizational GRC for quality assurance and transparency.


Model Risk Governance

This solution is designed to help your business meet the multiple challenges of model risk management by supporting various methodologies across different risk tiers, model types, and structures.


Vendor Risk Management

This vendor risk management solution is created to help organizations manage third-party engagements and relationships efficiently to enhance the performance of each company.


Financial Control Management

This software is a solution for financial control management that can help you in reducing the complexity and cost of ensuring your business complies with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and global financial reporting regulations.

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