Benefits of Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Cloud technologies are evolving rapidly, making it difficult to understand, analyze, and consider so much information. SureStep Cloud Transformation Services help business and IT leaders keep up with the latest cloud technologies so they can follow best practices and avoid risks.

To enable cloud management, we advise that organizations no longer think in terms of “tools” that manage a set of given infrastructure but rather in terms of a “platform” that manages a hybrid set of cloud components. With our PaaS offering, we enable companies to move on-premises applications and workloads to any public or private cloud provider. We believe a cloud management platform should deliver on three primary capabilities: unified operations, optimization, and agility.

Unified Cloud Management

PaaS enables cloud management to operate across a complex, multicloud, and hybrid cloud estate that includes legacy and private cloud environments, along with multiple public clouds. Having a single control plane across the entire estate is critical for auditing the journey to the cloud and maximizing its effectiveness.


Cloud Optimization

For cloud optimization, PaaS supports cloud-spend management by providing billing analytics, cloud credit optimization, price simulation, and market comparison data. PaaS can reduce the cost of cloud management and maintenance while enabling you to get more from your cloud investment.


PaaS can adapt over time, giving your company the agility it needs to stay competitive. As public cloud providers evolve and bring innovation to the market, a cloud management platform must be able to deliver this innovation on an ongoing basis or, at minimum, not hinder or limit its use by developers.


Ready to Adopt PaaS?

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