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Much has been made of upcoming changes regarding the SEC enforcement of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) regulations. From signers of The Climate Pledge to virtually all public (and many private) organizations, companies will soon be liable for any lapses in adherence to ESG regulations and accurate reporting. While ESG has rightfully garnered most headlines, organizations should also be aware of the importance of Government, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) reporting.

The bottom line is that consumers are now demanding the best from companies, and the SEC is following suit. Consumers want to feel good about their purchases, whether that’s an energy provider or a clothing manufacturer. They want to buy from organizations that check all the boxes, such as price, quality, the purchase experience, brand engagement, and trust that your organization is doing the right thing, especially with ESG measures.

Since our existence, SureStep has assisted our clients in the improvement of the operational, fiscal, and social health of their organizations. When it comes to GRC or ESG & Trust Transformation, we’ve proven efficient in guiding clients through complete turnarounds in the trust of their brands, leading to stronger financial health, better business, and increased brand loyalty.

The Process of Building Trust, Compliance, & Reporting

At SureStep, we understand the difficulties industries and organizations have with meeting ESG compliance and performing proper GRC reporting.  

Trust is built from both sides of the equation, putting aside the emotions of the issues at hand. However, SureStep isn’t here to make a quick fix — we’re here as your partner. We work together with you to make your organization systemically better, so you won’t have the same issues in the future and can continue to enjoy trust throughout your marketplace. 


Process Building Trust
Trust Transformation ESG

GRC, ESG, & Trust Transformation

The ESG solutions SureStep provides are what make your organization sustainable. From our initial consultation through strategy sessions, to operations and performance, SureStep is with you to exceed ESG regulations and build a positive brand image. 

As your trusted advisor, we’ll help manage your carbon footprint and carbon accounting, assist with auditing, perform risk assessments and remediation, keep investors satisfied, and ensure that you’re in adherence with SEC regulations. We’ll increase your social impact and help shape your organization as an ESG industry leader. 

Trust Transformation for GRC Reporting

Governing the financial, operational, and social risks and compliances of your organization will ensure that a molehill doesn’t grow into a mountain. SureStep will work with your board and put the systems in place for accurate GRC reporting, covering data accuracy, visibility into business processes, and addressing any silos within your organization. 

Our reporting solutions will uncover potential challenges and ensure your approach to trust transformation is comprehensive and methodical in how it addresses any deficiencies in your business practices. And while GRC reporting is not yet a requirement, it will go a long way toward ensuring ESG compliance and maintaining the health of your organization in a socially conscious marketplace.

Trust Tranformation GRC

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