The SureStep Story

SureStep is a systems integration and consulting company and the brainchild of governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) and data industry executives. The company was initially founded in Canada, in 2007, and has run successful operations, helping businesses achieve their goals ever since. Today, SureStep has successfully expanded its operations into the USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, and UK.

ESGS Sustainability

With more than 100 clients on board, we have supported businesses across different industries, including:

  • Financial Services
  • Natural Resources
  • Transportation
  • Manufacturing
  • Utilities
  • Technology

SureStep has helped many clients move quickly and effectively to anticipate and understand risk across their enterprise. Our Advisory practice has helped clients across many industries, in over 25 countries, to increase business value while mitigating risks.

We have successfully supported our clients to meet their regulatory requirements and achieve their ESG benchmarks. All while helping them operate within a compliance framework that ensures a formidable governance platform.

This includes providing the building blocks to accelerate their ESG journey. Our expertise is aided by technology from the leading Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) software solutions available in the market.

SureStep at a Glance

Our core services can be broken down into five categories:

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Governance, risk and compliance (GRC) and environmental, social, and governance (ESG)
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BI and reporting
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AI and automation
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Cloud-based systems
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Application managed services

Company Size Doesn’t Matter

SureStep is available to assist all types of businesses in different ways. We are happy to provide support in an advisory, administration, and development capacity. SureStep believes that steering companies away from risk transforms them into better corporate citizens.

Our Partners

We work in partnership with a variety of solutions, platforms, and cloud providers across the world to help achieve your goals in the areas of:


  • Risk and Compliance
  • Cloud and Technology
  • Integration Solutions

Our Team

SureStep has a deep bench of governance, risk, and compliance expertise. Learn more about the SureStep team by checking out our LinkedIn profiles.


Michael Gibbs President and CEO


Catherine Gibbs CFO


Robert Wright Principal Consultant


Stacie Heffern Operations Manager


Jerone Ray Senior Project Manager

Services to Manage Your Company’s Risk


Cost Effective

Reduce your overhead and FTE expenses with fixed monthly costs.



Your support issues and inquiries are answered promptly.



Leverage the SureStep team for any support or development effort.


Dedicated Administrator

We have dedicated administrators to manage your application platforms.

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Team of Experts

The SureStep team brings years of experience with best practices.

Why Choose SureStep?

Single Point of Contact

Equipped with in-depth knowledge of the software platforms we offer, SureStep can help you in selecting and operationalizing the right platform for your needs. We are the only integrator providing complete solutions from industry’s leading software vendors.

Single Point of Contact
Proven Methodology

Proven Methodology

We are committed to utilizing only the best practices with the intention to help you for the long term. SureStep has formulated its proven methodology and executed it successfully with over 100 Global 500 clients.

Client Value Commitment

SureStep will continue to have your back even after the purchase and implementation of the software. Our experts will make sure you have the right knowledge and support for optimizing your risk assessment and reporting platforms. We are committed to bringing long-term value to all our clients.

Client Value Commitment

Our Proven Methodology



We ensure your requirements are properly understood and position you to best meet your cloud, data, and reporting obligations.



We map your requirements to the best solution for your needs and only deal with the top vendors.



With dozens of platform installs per year around the world, no one is better positioned or experienced than SureStep to make your project a success.



Post implementation, SureStep can provide advisory, support, and development services to ensure your systems are always current and meeting your needs.

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SureStep managed services are designed to take IT, personnel, administrative, and business-as-usual concerns off your hands.

Why Work With Us?

Behind the scenes of a well-established business with over 100 clients sits a team of friendly, cohesive individuals all with the same vision: to provide leading systems integration, cutting-edge GRC and BI Solutions to its customers.

SureStep doesn’t follow the tired old ways of large corporations. You’re not just a number in our organization. We value our employees and give them the tools they need to shine in their roles and infect change within our business, whilst giving them the freedom to work flexibly and internationally.

With offices in Canada, USA, Singapore, and Hong Kong, SureStep’s worldwide presence gives anyone in the world an opportunity to shine and show off their unique skillsets.

Working at SureStep, you'll benefit from:

  • Flexible Hours
  • Remote Working
  • Collaboration
  • Affecting Change

The Climate Pledge

SureStep is demonstrating our commitment to sustainability by agreeing to sign The Climate Pledge. Co-founded by Amazon and Global Optimism in 2019, The Climate Pledge is a commitment by companies to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2040 — a decade ahead of the Paris Agreement’s goal of 2050.

By signing The Climate Pledge, SureStep agrees to:

  • Measure and report greenhouse gas emissions on a regular basis
  • Implement decarbonization strategies in line with the Paris Agreement through real business changes and innovations
  • Neutralize any remaining emissions with additional, quantifiable, real, permanent, and socially beneficial offsets to achieve net-zero annual carbon emissions by 2040

Get Help With Integrated Risk

Ask for an Integrated Risk Consultation from SureStep and work with one of our GRC/ESG experts who will map out your governance challenges and help you mitigate risk.

Take a 3-Week Path to ESGImplementation and Advisory