Summit the Mountain of Governance, Risk, and Compliance

SureStep is a GRC Leader, guiding you away from risk on your journey to compliance.

Advisory Services

We help companies implement custom GRC solutions and strive to serve as a trusted partner and advisor.

Integrated Risk Consultation

We provide Integrated Risk Consultations so we can better understand your compliance challenges and develop a road map for avoiding risk.

Long-Term Partnerships

When our customers see the benefits of our GRC and ESG solutions, they want us to be their guide in the journey toward maturity.

Our Mission

SureStep believes that steering companies away from risk transforms them into better corporate citizens.

Cloud Transformation

SureStep’s Cloud Consulting Services enable organizations to transform rapidly to meet the challenges of the digital age.

GRC/ESG QuickStart

We provide a 3-week shortcut to solution implementation and advisory services for smaller businesses so they can take an integrated approach to governance, risk, compliance, and privacy.

Who We Work With

SureStep serves as a guide for both smaller organizations that need to integrate governance, risk, and compliance and enterprises with complex governance issues. We help businesses at various stages in their journey to governance, risk avoidance, and compliance maturation, from those that don’t have a GRC or ESG solution and need advice to those that have one and want to improve on it. We are a trusted advisor to companies in a range of highly regulated industries, including:

  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Telecommunications
  • Transportation/Manufacturing
  • Utilities

Do You Need Help Navigating Your GRC and ESG Challenges?

Ask for an Integrated Risk Consultation from SureStep and get to work closely with one of our GRC/ESG experts who will map out your governance challenges so you can avoid risk.

Integrate Your Governance, Risk, and Compliance With a OneTrust™ QuickStart