Your Trusted Advisor for Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Our Services

SureStep offers a range of Advisory Services to help your company manage and mitigate risk. With our Advisory Services, we provide vision and guidance based on diversity of people, global experience, and knowledge.

SureStep ensures critical knowledge is available when you need it through advisory, administration, development, and constant optimization of the governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) applications you use every day.​

Process Engineering

We can help your company with business process modeling so you can streamline GRC processes. Process engineering applications can automate governance, risk, and compliance workflows by turning them over to digital workers powered by artificial intelligence (AI). SureStep also provides model risk management.

Integrated Risk Consultation

Our Integrated Risk Consultation is a one-hour session with one of our experts. During the session, a member of our Advisory Team maps out your GRC challenges and discusses ways to mitigate risk. After the session, you receive a product demo and a proposal for governance and compliance solutions.

ESG & GRC QuickStart

Our Advisory Team can give your company a shortcut to environmental, social, and governance solution implementation and advisory. ESG or GRC QuickStart includes 2 weeks of solution Advisory and 1 week of configuration.

Our Approach

Our Advisory Services are customized to your company’s needs. When we start working as your advisor, we strive to understand that governance, risk, and compliance challenges your organization faces by looking at key factors:

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Our Advisory Team will ask questions about your level of GRC maturity and any existing risk and compliance functions.

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Companies should have a means of registering key risks and sensing whether they are overwhelmed by their level of risk.

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Regulatory Requirements

Organizations have different levels of regulatory burden based on their industry, and this will affect our recommendations.

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Privacy Issues

Many organizations, especially public companies, must report back to regulators, meaning IBM OpenPages is a good choice because of its modules for stock reporting.

Experience Our Advisory Services With an Integrated Risk Consultation

Ask for an Integrated Risk Consultation from SureStep and work with a member of our Advisory Team who will map out your governance challenges and show you how to manage risk.

Receive an ESG Implementation and Advisory QuickStart